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tea ball "tong"

Our tea ball “tong” comes in two sizes 6.5 cm and 7.5 cm.  The 6.5 cm is larger then most tea balls you will find but it is important to give your tea room to steep properly in a large mug or small tea pot.  The 7.5 cm is perfect for a large tea pot or pitcher Each is attached to the spring loaded tong mechanism for ease of removal once the desired strength is reached.

Reasons to LOVE this strainer:

  • great tool
  • a must have tool for the loose tea drinker. No mess and very easy to use.
  • basket opens wide to put the tea in without spilling.
  • can be used for more then one steeping
  • Made of Stainless steel that’s Heat resistant
  • Cleaning and care: Dishwasher safe

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