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tea pouches

Make loose tea easily - Make your own tea bags.

Enjoy quality loose-leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag!

Simply add a spoonful of your favorite loose teas or herbs to the pouch, then fold over like a sandwich bag. They measure about 3.75″ by 2.75″ and are large enough to brew 2-3 cups of tea, they come with a string and tag which reflects the traditional tea bag style. It is perfect for commuters and is convenient to use in the office or anywhere else. 

Each bag contains 25 tea pouches.

Reasons to LOVE these bags:
    • allows you to brew loose leaf tea like a conventional teabag
    • simply fill the pouch with a spoonful of your favorite leaf tea
    • an easy way to enjoy loose leaf tea every day
    • great for beginners / great for college students /great for the office

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