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green tea

organic rukeri - green

We can now offer organic tea varieties from this beautiful Rwandan garden! Almost 75 % of all Rwandan cultivated teas come from small farms which have united in a cooperative called Assophte. The proportion of orthodox tea is not even 20 %. This is one reason we are proud of this rare green tea. The other reasons are evident with each sip.  This infusion unfolds the wiry, dark-green leaf and a slightly spinach-like aroma which stays on your palate for some time after tasting the tea. The cup is a pretty chartreuse green.

Reasons we LOVE this tea:

  • similar to the dragon pearl tea, but just a little bit softer.
  • lovely to see & smell & is smooth in the cup
  • the aroma of the dry leaf which reveals hints of apricot, the steeped leaves offer notes of steamed greens

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