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Holy Basil Orange

This tea is perfect for both the afternoon or evening when you need something a little relaxing with a bit of spice.  Holy Basil (an Indian herb known as Tulsi) is often considered the king of all herbs and is an inherent feature in every Indian garden. This wonderfully relaxing Ayurvedic tea combining orange zest and apples to create a delicious fruitiness with spicy tulsi (holy basil), ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and red peppercorns.

Reasons we LOVE this tea:

  • tulsi is marked by its strong aroma & astringent flavor,
  • love this tea with a little honey in the bottom of the cup, the scent relaxes before it even touches your lips
  • there is a belief that tulsi a kind of "the elixir of life" as it promotes longevity
  • a wonderful low caffeine herbal beverage
  • this blend of tulsi with ginger and cardamom that is soothing and delicious.
  • it is a great hot, cold, or room temperature cup (yep, room temp, it happens!)


tulsi, apple, oranges, orange peel, green rooibos, ginger, natural flavor, rose pepper, cardamom, cinnamon

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