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matcha tea strainer

sift my matcha? yep... our matcha strainer is part of our powdered tea essentials kit because it is essential that you have it when making smoother matcha lattes or powdered tea recipes!
MatchaGoldie, and pink velvet are dense powders (probably because of the amazing superfood qualities!) which means that it may have to be sifted, or it will remain dense and clump together. Powdered tea drinkers need strainers in order to create a smooth and delicious cup of matcha tea!
Why we love this tool:
  • Stainless steel tea strainer
  • 3" diameter. Made in Japan
  • Perfect for sifting your tea powders
  • Durable, stainless steel mesh
  • Dishwasher safe
How to use:
  • Simply add 1 teaspoon (or your desired amount) in the matcha strainer a
  • sift it side-to-side with the scoop or back of a spoon - creating a fine, green tea powder in your mug!
If you want to know more, watch our Matcha videos on how to make the perfect cup of matcha tea!
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