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peace & balance

This blend has quickly become a favorite of the team, and just one cup will soon tell you why! The perfect relaxing blend to help you to center yourself and rebalance mind, body, and spirit, Urbane's peace & balance is equally delicious enjoyed alone, or with a little honey.  The berries and mint in this blended to provide the perfect balance with the traditional rooibos, relaxing the body and awakening the senses while at the same time, easing the worries and strains of the mind. The top notes of calming chamomile, safflower, lemon balm,  apple bits, and hibiscus will take your senses on a voyage of discovery that you simply will not want to end.  

Perfect after a hard day's work, or at any time that life leaves you feeling frazzled!

Reasons we LOVE this tea:

    • the calming effect of chamomile and peppermint
    • a wonderful zero-caffeine herbal beverage
    • mild and sweet, with bit more natural honey-like sweetness than rooibos
    • honeybush has a distinctive clover-honey character with reputed health benefits
    • rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties


rooibos, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, lemon balm, rosehips, peppermint leaves, chamomile, hibiscus, cranberries, safflower, blue cornflowers, natural passionfruit flavor

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