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Brewfish Tea mugs make the perfect cup of tea. The super light insulated glass has a fun "press" filter, double wall thermal glass and drink through top that keeps your brewed tea hot.

Infuse your favorite style and infuse it thoroughly, it stops and shut it off 100% after it is pressed. The "GoodSeal" shuts off the brewing, so your tea stays perfect 'til the last sip. Tilt the top to drink or pour and tilt it back to close. Made of only glass, stainless and the highest standard food safe silicone.

Any style leaf can be used with Brewfish even very fine teas. Microwave safe glass, boil water in the glass is fine and top shelf Dishwasher for both glass and filter.

The Javaa holds 10 oz. and brews 8 oz.

The Javaale holds 16 oz. and brews 14 oz.

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