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Kenya - Milima

This East African black tea is neatly twisted, with golden tippy leaves steep to a bright, robust, medium-bodied and a slight fruity taste. Kenya, a country in East Africa, is known worldwide for its wildlife reserves, its lofty mountain peaks, and the high quality offerings from the country's tea gardens and coffee plantations. Kenyan tea is a main staple in Irish and English tea blends and for years it was mostly produced for the tea bag trade. For the past 10 years or so, the Kenya tea producers have been focusing on more orthodox producing to create high quality large leaf style teas. 

Reasons we LOVE this tea:

  • This is an excellent breakfast teas and also pair well with eggs, beef dishes, desserts, chocolate and breads.
  • The large full leaf provides a full fresh flavor to the cup
  • black tea may be a mentally stimulating beverage
  • black tea has been shown to reduce cholesterol
  • Has approximately 20% of the caffeine content of coffee

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