Dried lemongrass is a great way to keep this hand herb in your cupboard well after the season.  Great for cooking and blending into your own teas with a little caffeine free zip.  This is also a great herb for reducing a fever or relieving stomach cramps. It also aids in digestion, especially in children, and helps ease the pain of arthritis. Outside of its healing value, some people just enjoy the mild lemon taste.

While the FDA does not endorse the medicinal effects of lemongrass tea, the “PDR of Herbal Medicines” suggests additional potential benefits from drinking the tea may include the treatment of bronchitis and fever reduction. Lemongrass may also help you relax, and it may calm agitation.

Reasons to LOVE this tea:

  • Zesty, lightly gingery tea refreshing both hot and iced
  • Really simple tea to make
  • Anti-bacterial nature of lemongrass helps the skin to look and feel good
  • Completely caffeine free beverage

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