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Masala Chai - # 137

This is the closest we come to a traditional chai - and we LOVE tradition.  

In Indian culture, 'Masala' means 'a blend of spices', and 'chai' simply means 'tea.' So, Masala Chai is basically 'spiced tea.' Our take on this treasured Indian drink combines premium Ceylon and Assam tea leaves with cloves, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, and ginger root. This tea has a warm and inviting fragrance with a zesty and invigorating finish.

Reasons we LOVE this tea:

  • excellent full flavor with a touch of spice
  • an aromatic tea with a short wiry leaf.
  • black tea may be a mentally stimulating beverage
  • black tea has been shown to reduce cholesterol
  • Has approximately 20% of the caffeine content of coffee

A wonderful combination of cloves,ginger root,cardamom pods,cinnamon bark and Assam tea leaves. Try a tradition.

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