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organic hibiscus

hibiscus tea (Flor de Jamaica) is made from the hibiscus flower sepals and people drink it as a hot or cold beverage. Hibiscus tea is popular as a weight-loss aid. The tea is made from the red hibiscus flower. The blossom is dried and steeped to make an herbal tea that many herbalists tout as being a cure for everything from high blood pressure to flu and cold symptoms.

Reasons to LOVE this tea:

  • an AMAZING iced tea
  • according to nationally known nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. the antioxidants in hibiscus provide cardiovascular and overall health benefits.
  • antioxidants are an important part of cleansing and fat-flushing efforts
  • according to the Bastyr Center, several studies have verified that hibiscus can lower high blood pressure


dried hibiscus flowers

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