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oksusu cha (roasted corn tea)

This traditional Korean corn tea is a unique mild flavor with a hint of sweet. Oksusu cha is a naturally gluten-free tea has a mildly sweet taste and is quite aromatic. 

If you’re not sure the best time to enjoy this flavorful tea, try it on a hot and humid summer day or during a hot yoga class this is a great tea to refresh and hydrate.

The way to prepare is as easy as it's suggested in the direction. Another way is to soak in cold water for 30 minutes. But I prefer to boil it as it's much more aromatic than soaking in regular water. It can be served hot as well or chilled. 

Reasons to LOVE this tea:

  • a refreshing iced tea
  • try it for upset stomach
  • naturally gluten free


roasted corn kernels

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